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Step 1:Download approval application in Download Section.

Step 2:Fill up the Application completely and send it to Email:
NFSE Office,India.

The following documents are to be enclosed with the approval application :

1.For Category Courses,Approval Fee Rs.32,000 +3000 = 35000
( Academic staff Development Fee ) 
2.For School Courses, Approval Fee & Rs.32,000 + 3000 =35000
Academic staff Development  Fee)
For other countries,of 100 USD.
3.For Specialised Courses,  Rs. 33000,Approval Fee & Rs.2,000 Academic staff Development Fee) For other countries,for 100 USD.
4.Your building agreement, If rental building, rental agreement.
5.Fifty Rupees stamp paper (2 Nos) with Institution / Applicant name for Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). For other countries, two Government Stamp Paper equivalent of 2 USD each.
6.Photograph of infrastructure facilities like building, class rooms, and other facilities.
7.Photo of Applicant (2 Copies).

Note: ACADEMIC STAFF DEVLOPMENT Fee is Compulsory. Cheques are not accepted.

Step 3: Cutinisation of application by the Approval Committee and inspection of the Institution. NFSE sends Inspection Committee Member to inspect your Place, Rs. 3000/- (For Delhi NCR.) Rs. 5000/- (For Rest off India) to be given as Inspection Fee. No need to pay any extra charges. Inspection Committee Member should be treated well. Printed MOU will be sent to the institute with Temporary Approval. The Institution can start the courses by placing advertisement.

Step 4: Signed MOUs should be returned to NFSE Office. India along with the copy of the prepared advertisement matter.

Step 5: Approval Certificate along with Online Login Password. will be sent to the Institution.Within 48 Hours.

Step 6: Signed MOU will be sent to the Institution from NFSE Office,

Step 7: The Institute should follow the "NFSC Academic Year Chart" strictly. (See After Approval what to do in the Home Page)